Thursday, December 31, 2015

Done x2

Yay. It did not take me two years to add all the song info for the Saga Soundtracks. Everything is here. Even if not one person ever looks at this blog, just the fact that it's complete makes me happy.  :)
It's still a work in progress though. A lot of the lyrics, I just copy and pasted from Google and haven't checked them over thoroughly. I'm picky about the way lyrics are formatted and I usually rearrange them to suit my preferences so I'll do that eventually. (Some are done already.)
But don't the pictures look pretty? *sigh* I really, really, really love these movies and the music in them. And I think it's a helpful reference to have the info about where they fit into the films. If only I could make use of it when my friends and I are playing are road trip game of who can provide all the info the fastest when the songs come on. Damn roaming charges...

complete list of song lyrics on this blog
What Is the SM Playlist?
The Purpose of This Blog
Done x1

If you are interested in more Twilight-related references, might I recommend you peruse through the Team Fireball blog? And there is also an extensive Twilight section on my own personal blog.


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